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Kouvolan Herkku - tuotteidesi luotettava sopimusvalmistaja

Reliable contract manufacturer
for your products

Established in 2018, Kouvolan Herkku Ltd is a new Finnish contract manufacturer in the food processing industry. The company manufactures UHT-treated and aseptically packaged liquid food products under customer’s own brands.

Kouvolan Herkku, kinuskikastike

What do we do?

We produce and package a variety of liquid products, cooking products and health drinks. We also package our own products and provide packaging services for small-scale producers.

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Who are we?

The founder of the company, Raino Kukkonen, has an extensive experience in the dairy industry. Heidi and Kari Rantanen from the city of Kouvola co-own the company with Kukkonen. Raino Kukkonen is the founder of such companies as Kaslink Foods, one of the fastest growing companies in the Finnish food processing industry in the 2000s.

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