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RAINO Chaga Tea and RAINO Chaga Tea Concentrate

The RAINO Chaga Tea and RAINO Chaga Tea Concentrate have been produced by means of a specially designed extraction process. Only chaga collected in Finland that fulfils all quality requirements is used as raw material. In addition to this, the products have been aseptically packed in Tetra Pak packaging, which guarantees a 24-month shelf life.

The ready-to-drink RAINO Chaga Tea can be enjoyed as it is, or it can be heated in a cup. The Chaga Tea Concentrate 200 ml is plentiful – you only need a tablespoonful of concentrate in a cup topped with hot or cold water. The concentrate can also be added to other drinks and dishes.

RAINO Chaga Tea and Chaga Tea Concentrate packaging

Chaga mushroom – the interesting black fungus on the bark of birch trees

Chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) is a common saprotrophic mushroom that grows on birch trees and some other deciduous trees in the boreal forest zone.
Chaga is very rich in antioxidants and belongs to the group of so-called medicinal mushrooms. It has been reported to have several antimicrobial, immunostimulating, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and antitumor properties. The popularity of using chaga mushroom has not faded away in the course of time, which continues to make it a topical ingredient.

Pakuri - Kouvolan Herkku

How bioactive compounds have been formed

A competition that resembles a battle of survival prevails between the chaga mushroom and the tree. The chaga mushroom aims to destroy its victim, that being the target tree, and the tree in turn tries to restrain the growth of the chaga mushroom and destroy it. During millions of years of evolution and as a result of this opposition between the chaga mushroom and the host tree, the chemical battle between the two species has led to the chaga mushroom forming over 200 different compounds. Dozens of them have been indicated to have a biologically active effect. Chaga mushroom has been used for centuries in traditional medicine as a remedy for numerous diseases and inflammation.